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This offering is exclusively tailored for B2B organizations. Not suitable for mass emailing.


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Automate cold
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Personalization for
every single prospect

Powered by ChatGPT
for B2B businesses

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manual cold-emailing

Traditional Approach
  • Cannot get creative everytime with every prospect
  • Need a creative email marketing team
  • Time consuming - It takes 20-40 minutes to send out a well researched cold email.
  • Tiring to work on different messaging styles.
  • Difficult to email based on prospect’s time zones.
DialogSpark’s Magic
  • Each email is uniquely crafted and creatively written.
  • The only time required is to setup the right prompt for ChatGPT which will generate the perfect email.
  • Easy to A/B test with multiple drip campaign styles.
  • No team required. Saves cost and allows you to focus on crafting smarter messages
  • Automatically sends emails based on user timezone.
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Why DialogSpark?

As a business reliant on cold email prospecting, we know firsthand the struggle of creating personalized messages.But fret not, because we've got the ultimate solution to lighten your load and turbocharge your sales game.

With Dialog Spark, you can bid farewell to the time-consuming task of individualized emails.

Our genius automation technology takes the reins, allowing you to explore diverse messaging strategies effortlessly.

From tailoring unique offerings to captivating prospects, Dialog Spark unleashes your sales team's potential.

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How it works?

Import leads from
Zoho or excel sheet

Making the process
simple to access.

Choose your tone,
keywords, enter prompts

Select from preset 10+ tones and
20+ fields to add in your email

Creating templates
has never been easier

Use email sequences, and
customize each word using AI

Filtering and searching
all prospects and info

Find everything in one place.

Manage all your emails,
sent and scheduled

An outbox with all your
emails to be sent.

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